An un-biblical view of God

A few years ago, I was travelling from Vancouver to Prince George, and the person sitting next to me, when she found out I was a pastor shared that she had made up her own god. She was serious, and as we kept talking, she shared she was a little tired with that god, so was thinking of making up another one. Shocking and stupid, and yet so many people are shifting from a Biblical view of God, to one of their own making. Happy to call it god, and yet it is so far from who God has revealed Himself to be, people have chosen a god who loves them on their terms, and who lets them do whatever they want so that they can somehow find happiness their way. It is time to discover, and display the greatness of who God has revealed Himself to be in His word, as TGC churches.

A.W. Tozer has rightly said, “What comes into your mind when you think about God is the most important thing about you…for this reason the gravest question before the Church is always God Himself”

An unbiblical view of God tends to throw the church into one of two ditches:

1. Reverence without intimacy;
2. Intimacy without reverence. Treating God as a buddy that you hang out with, and does whatever you want, or as someone you can’t approach or have a relationship
damages the hope of authentic relationship.

Perhaps for us in evangelical churches in BC, the issue is a familiarity with God, without fear (ditch 2). A flippant approach to the Holy One of Scripture, that ignores His
Majesty, and Holiness and refuses to obey His Word if the cost feels to high. This is dangerous in that it leads not only to disobedience and despair, but without correction, hell.

How can we help our people see and know the God of Scripture (Job 42:1-6)? How can we protect them, and provide for them the privilege of seeing His greatness and through that, the rest of life with His eyes (Isaiah 6:1-9).

Four steps for reviving a Biblical view of God in our churches, that should be taken on our knees:

1. Biblical Saturation (Colossians 3:16-17): The  best way to have a Biblical view of God is to read the Bible! We should devote ourselves to the reading of Scripture and encourage our people to be in His Word daily! To move through His Word, Old and New
Testaments in a way that delights to learn to love Him more intimately. To know God we must spend significant time in His Word.

2. Battle False Views: There are many, and depending on our ministry context, they must be recognized and shown for their shallowness. If our people are interacting with books like, The Shack, we must make them aware of the belittling of God that is found there. If they are seeing God as someone who owes them, due to their faithfulness, we must awaken them to the beauty of His salvation, and the glory of grace.

3. Borrow From History: We need to take the time to share with our people great books of the past and present that display the glory of God. (Tozer: Knowledge of the Holy; Packer: Knowing God; Either of Mark Jones new books, Knowing Christ; or God Is; and many more; Charnock; Sproul; Grudem’s Systematic Theology; etc.). There is much written on the greatness of God, and it is good to go outside of our generation and regular reading to grow in this, and share with our people. The greatest pursuit we can have is to deepen our knowledge of the Holy One! Always be Word saturated, but also take the time to hear from those throughout history who have had a deep authentic faith with God.

4. Be Devoted To Expository Preaching: God’s Word is about God, and as church leaders must take the time in our preaching and teaching to faithfully make this kind of biblical preaching a priority. God’s Word is a revelation of who He is, what He has done and what He wants from us. Faithful expository preaching will model good ermeneutics, and reveal God’s greatness to His people!

People in BC struggle to have a Biblical view of God, and we as TGC-BC churches have a responsibility to be a part of the solution. May God grant us courage, and power as we pursue health for His glory. May we begin to take these steps, and many more that will equip us to know Him, love Him with all we are and have, and live our lives driven and defined by our relationship with Him.

Would love to interact with you on this further:
As you reflect on this, what would you say are the top 10 issues facing churches in British Columbia?
- What can you do to fight them in your church, and help other to stay pure and holy?
- Is there anything you would add to this to help TGC BC churches have a Biblical view of God?