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In the World, But Not Of the World

I love being Canadian and living in Canada. We live in a country that for a long time has truly been the TRUE NORTH STRONG AND FREE. For much of my lifetime, Judeo Christian values, although not lived fully, have been assumed and protected. Lately it seems we are moving rapidly away from this as a nation. SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) is invading our scho...

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What Does A Healthy Church Look Like?

It has been said (A.W. Tozer) that our view of God is the most important thing about us, and I agree with that, but a close second in terms of our eternal impact is how we view the local church. Our view of the church is the second most important thing about us, show me how a church leader views the local church and I will show you their eternal impact, and joy in their se...

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God Hates Discord

Psalm 133:1 states, "BEHOLD, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity".AMEN. And yet so often it seems that we followers of Christ struggle with one another. In my role for TGC-BC, and in previous roles I have had, there have been many situations where Christians are in conflict. Sadly, in my role as a shepherd of God's family, I believe that one of the gre...

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Remormation 500

Who Cares What Happened 500 Years Ago? Why should churches care about the Reformation? ...

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An un-biblical view of God

A few years ago, I was travelling from Vancouver to Prince George, and the person sitting next to me, when she found out I was a pastor shared that she had made up her own god. She was serious, and as we kept talking, she shared she was a little tired with that god, so was thinking of making up another one. Shocking and stupid, and yet so many people are shifting from a Bi...

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Together We Can!

Welcome to the first issue of the Gospel Coalition, British Columbia Chapter newsletter. It has long been my dream that we as a group of evangelical believers could come together in mutual support and fellowship. I believe God is calling us together for such a time as this. As we are increasingly being exposed to the world's agenda we need to take time and effort to bolst...

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